'Lipstick & Brush' 200mm x 72mm Door Hanger (DH00011738) - B0745HR98C

'Lipstick & Brush' 200mm x 72mm Door Hanger (DH00011738) - B0745HR98C

Product Code: B0745HR98C
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  • 200mm x 72mm wooden hanger.

  • Made out of quality 3mm natural wood from sustainable sources.

  • Design printed on one side, other side plain.

  • Can be painted or decorated.

  • DH00011738

    Original design by Yasmin Morris.

    A wonderful, 3mm thick natural wood door hanger 200mm long by 72mm wide, printed with a design from a talented Stamp Press designer. There is space above the design for you to customise the door hanger with a name or other personal touches making them ideal for children.

    These MDF door hangers are made out of a high grade, durable wood from sustainable sources.

    Each door hanger is laser cut to order so may have a delightful 'smoky wood' aroma on receipt - unfortunately, this will fade fairly quickly. You may choose to give the door hanger a very light sanding / buffing but many people leave them untouched for that authentic look. If you do, please take care not to sand off the printed design.

    'Lipstick & Brush' 200mm x 72mm Door Hanger (DH00011738) - B0745HR98C